Celtic Jewelry Stocking Stuffers – Affordable Jewelry For Christmas

With the days growing shorter and colder, thoughts turn to Christmas shopping and preparing for the holiday season. If you are thinking about buying Celtic jewelry for your friends or loved ones this year, there are some really affordable ways you can choose stocking stuffers that are sure to be loved and appreciated.

There are also some stunning ways to pack a huge surprise into a little box, if you want to do something unforgettable for the person you love the most! Whatever your needs, Celtic jewelry designs will offer you authentic quality that will be cherished for years to come:

Everyone loves opening the small parcels they get in their Christmas stockings. Here is a handy list you can reference while you organize your stocking stuffers:

Wife: A sterling silver Claddagh ring with a birthstone heart is romantic, without being too much of an investment: it’s also personal, because it features her own birthstone. If you want a more luxurious gift for the woman you love, consider a stunning emerald trinity knot ring, flanked with diamonds. The central stone evokes the velvety greenness of the Emerald Isle, and the delicate knot work can be traced back to Irish art treasures, such as the Book of Kells.

Girlfriend: Earrings are a lovely gift that most women really enjoy receiving. Claddagh earrings with tiny emeralds can be a romantic way to express your love and faithfulness to her this Christmas. If you are looking for a real show-stopper that she won’t be likely to see on anyone else, consider the ribbon of life Trinity knot earrings, in silver or gold, depending on your budget. These earrings will really express her femininity, and they are adorned with tiny diamonds that really serve to enhance the delicate, curving lines of the Ribbon of Life.

Mother or grandmother: If you are choosing something for your mother or grandmother, a Celtic knot family birthstone pendant would be perfect. Also, a Celtic Cross pendant in yellow or white gold would be a classic choice.

Sister or Brother: If you really want to honor your Irish heritage, consider sterling silver Claddagh rings for family members: these are unisex, and they’ve been spotted on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) , Bono, and even on past presidents of the United States, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Father or grandfather: If you are putting together some affordable ideas for your father or grandfather, consider honoring their ancestry with Celtic Shield rings. These silver rings are often used as wedding bands, but they can be simple and classic “right-hand” rings for men as well. Decorated with warrior symbols found on the Ardagh Chalice, one of Ireland’s great treasures, these affordable rings are rugged, symbolic of courage and loyalty, and they are a great hit with guys of any age!

All of these choices are a guideline for finding the best Celtic jewelry for everyone on your Christmas list. There are so many choices out there: be sure you find a retailer who is based in Ireland, to ensure the authenticity of your purchases. Once you’ve found a reputable dealer, you can be certain you are buying something that is genuine and handcrafted by Celtic artisans.