Traditional Irish weddings – what to pick out as a wedding present?

There is no denying it, organizing a wedding is a stressful affair. Just ask any flushing bride.

But weddings can also be stressful for the guests. While the general consensus would be that guests only have to show up, spruced up and dressed up for the occasion, another thing can prove to be a source of stress for the guests – the wedding gifts.

Anyone who’s ever shopped for a loved one or a friend knows how difficult it can be to find something meaningful and unique.

Shopping for wedding gifts can turn out even worse. Given things have been made a bit easier with the wedding gift registries but still it can take you a while to ponder and find the perfect gift.

Luckily if your friends or family members are of Irish ancestory there are a couple of things that will make for a perfect gift especially if the couple decides to have a traditional Irish wedding.

Waterford Crystal – if you want a gift that will stand the test of time and looks beautiful to boot you cannot go wrong with anything from the Waterford Crystal range. Manufactured in Ireland and admired all over the world, your Irish couple is bound to appreciate the gift.

Belleek pottery – if you’re looking for something stylish, beautiful and useful, check out Belleek pottery and their giftware selection, you are bound to find something even for the most demanding of brides. There are clocks, silverware, pottery, glass and even a good few Irish themed gifts to pick from. Established in the town of Belleek, Co. Fermanagh, the Belleek Pottery factory has become one of the top 5 Irish tourist attractions.

Newbridge Silverware – located in the town of Newbridge, County Kildare Newbridge Silverware was founded in 1935 and it was an attempt to revitalize the economy of the village. And successful they were. Their collection is extensive – there are so many pretty items to pick from: glassware, tableware, kitchenware and not to mention the stainless steel cutlery that Newbridge Silverware became famous for.

Traditional gifts with an Irish theme – there is a plethora of gifts with an Irish theme that can be found in specialized shops and online. While it might be easy to go overboard on the shamrock motif, it would be wise to keep in mind that you want your gift to be tasteful as well. A horseshoe is another symbol of good luck for the Irish, but make sure that the throws end upwards so the couple’s luck does not run out.

The symbol of Claddagh is also an appropriate choice or you can opt for a religious gift such as a traditional Irish cross with Trinity knots which is supposed to bring good luck.

Irish honeymoon registry – for Irish couples that actually live in Ireland the Irish honeymoon registry might be a good option. Couples can now create a dream honeymoon. It works the same as a normal wedding gift registry – the guests can attribute the money they were meaning to spend and chip in for airfaires, excursions or the extras like the champagne or a massage for two. And it is as simple as logging in to the webpage. It’s a wonderful idea for guests as for once you can be certain your friends will actually enjoy the gifts you have selected.

What were some of the best wedding gifts you have received? And what were the worst? If you’d like to tell us your stories you can email us at this address – and we’ll post them right here on the blog.

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