The Shamrock pendant – It’s Meaning And History

If you are considering the purchase of a piece of Irish jewelry, you may be interested in a Shamrock pendant. The simplicity and symbolism of the Shamrock is enduring and meaningful: its three leaves are thought to represent the Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick, one of the three patron saints of Ireland, used the Shamrock to illustrate the presence of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost, showing those who were new to Christianity that the spirit of God existed in nature.

The Shamrock was originally known as the “seamrog”, or summer plant, in the Irish language: even the ancient Druids in Ireland were thought to revere the plant for the secret meaning in its three leaves. In Irish lore, three is the sacred number, as it relates to the Holy Trinity.

The Shamrock is thought to bring good luck, by many Irish people, and it is used to represent Ireland in many different ways. All over the world, the Shamrock is immediately linked with Ireland and the Irish people. This powerful symbol will never cease to symbolize Ireland, and the purity and commitment by Saint Patrick to spreading the word of God throughout the country.

Often, the Shamrock is confused with the four-leaf clover, which also is prevalent in Irish lore: but they are not the same. The Shamrock is a religious symbol linked with Christian beliefs, and it carries with it a sense of sacredness and purity, which the four-leaf clover does not share. By choosing a Shamrock pendant, you are aligning yourself with the spiritual quest begun by Saint Patrick so long ago, a desire to share the word of God and to celebrate Ireland as a place of faith and love.

Shamrocks are bright emerald green, and this colour also represents Irelands lore and history. In the past, Irish people practiced the “wearing of the green” to show their desire for an independent country.

On every March 17th, the festival of Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated, both in Ireland and in other countries where those of Irish descent wish to honor their ancestry. The wearing of the green, and the display of Shamrocks, is still alive today. You can enjoy your Shamrock pendant on March 17th, each year, and always have a sense of your own family history and what it means to you, by owning such a meaningful piece of Irish jewelry. The Shamrock pendant is subtle, with its simple shape, but it is striking in its simplicity: a Shamrock pendant will give you years of pleasure.

A Shamrock pendant is also amazingly versatile; its motif will work with casual or dressy attire. It can be adorned with diamonds to add richness to its simple trefoil shape. If, as legend has it, the Shamrock is good luck to it wearer, all the better. A Shamrock pendant is a lovely way to show your Irish heritage and spirit, without saying a word…the symbol is so strong and evocative, it instantly tells the world you are proud to be Irish.