Romantic Celtic Rings For Your Loved One

If you are of Celtic heritage, or wish to honor the Celtic heritage of the person you love, a Celtic Love Ring is an ideal and meaningful way to demonstrate your faith and loyalty for a lifetime. Celtic Love Rings are full of the magical storytelling traditions of the Celtic culture, and their designs are rife with symbolism and meaning.

If you are interested in Celtic jewelry designs that really evoke the spirit of your Celtic heritage, we’ve put together a useful guide to choosing the style of Celtic Love Ring that will suit your taste and your budget. There are so many styles of Celtic rings, from the traditional Irish Claddagh rings, to the delicate Trinity Love Knot designs that often feature glimmering emeralds and diamonds: you can be sure of finding the perfect ring if you learn a little bit more about all the choices available to you. Here is our list of the most stunning Celtic Love Ring designs:

Trinity Love Knot Designs: The intricate knotwork so prevalent in Celtic lore and history is thought to represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Love knots take this concept even further, adding a romantic twist to the spiritual elements of Celtic knotwork. The Trinity Love Knot Ring symbolizes the endlessness of love, as the knot is always joined, and never-ending.

Featuring gentle, curving lines and a richness of detail, the Trinity Knot Ring can be accented with diamonds, as a Celtic engagement ring, or a beautiful emerald that further evokes the spirit of the Emerald Isle with its deep-green colouring: there are even gorgeous Trinity knot rings with a central cultured pearl surrounded by knot work.

If you are on a budget, you can skip the precious stones and simply let the handcrafted artistry of the knots themselves take center stage. Whatever you choose, the ring is sure to become an heirloom that is treasured and carries great sentimental value.

Claddagh Designs: A classic Claddagh Celtic Love Ring is romantic and full of meaning: while its origins are purely Irish, it is a whimsical, charming choice for a ring that shows your love for another. The tale of a fisherman who was kidnapped by a goldsmith, and forced to spend his life away from the woman he loved, has become an important tale in Irish Celtic folklore.

The fisherman crafted the ring with certain details to demonstrate his longing, his love, and his enduring loyalty to the woman he loved. The ring itself features two tiny hands, tenderly cradling a crowned heart, and its romantic spirit has given the Claddagh ring real longevity. Many people are familiar with the Claddagh ring, and they will recognize its romantic meaning when they see it.

It can be a lovely way to show someone you care for that you, too, are faithful, loving, and loyal. Claddagh rings come in a variety of styles, and some designs feature a carved diamond, emerald, or birthstone, shaped like a heart, to fit in the center of the design.