Irish Music Ideas for an Irish Wedding

If you are thinking about planning an Irish themed wedding, having authentic music may be a large part of your ceremony and reception. You could have Irish music playing while you are walking down the aisle, and you can have a wonderful Irish music selection (or live band) to keep your guests kicking up their heels into the wee hours of the morning. Read on to learn a little bit about what you may want to look for when considering bands and types of Irish music.

There are various types of Irish tunes, and you should consider where the music will be being played during your wedding, and what tempo and style would be most appropriate.

Traditionally, Irish music played at weddings would have included reels (a fast, lively tune), hornpipes (similar to reels but with a more relaxed and bouncy rhythm) and jigs (fast tempo-d music that makes up the majority of Irish tunes). These types of music would be ideal for a reception-fun to dance to with great energy.

If you are seeking something more mellow and romantic for your wedding ceremony, look for more classical-based Irish music featuring flutes and delicate fiddle work.

If you want live music for any part of your special day, pour through your local phone book or do a basic internet search to see if you can find bands in your area that offer Irish music selections. Be sure to ask if they are willing to play weddings, and don’t be shy about asking to hear a demo tape. You don’t want to hire a band without being sure you like the way they sound.

If you are looking for a DJ to play songs, you will want to go through a similar search process. When you speak with them, let them know the type of music you are looking to have played at your wedding. Many are very accommodating and will work with whatever you want, and the more guidance you can give them, the better.

To be able to suggest songs and bands for a DJ you’re considering working with, seek out and listen to music by some of the following artists. The group Altan is hailed by some as “real deal traditional.” They are one of the most successful Irish groups in the past couple of decades, and their adherence to tradition is inspiring.

If you are looking for a band with more versatility, give The Chieftains a listen. They have been playing together for 40 years, and while most of their music relies heavily on Irish influence, they have incorporated musical sounds from their travels around the world as well. For wonderful fiddle work, take a look at Martin Hayes or Eileen Ivers. For energetic music that is great for really cutting loose on the dance floor, the band Lunasa mixes and matches their tunes in fun and unusual ways.

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