Irish cuisine – comfort cooking at it’s best

Autumn is finally here. For book lovers it means a cup of chocolate or coffee on a cold afternoon and curling up with a good book. For the nature enthusiasts it means a long walk and watching the leaves change color. For fashionistas it means new boots and scarves. And for foodies it means indulging in comfort foods.

And Irish cuisine has comfort food written all over it. With its hearty and delicious stews, soda bread and succulent cakes, lets put it this way, it’s not the food for anyone minding their waistline.

Then again food should be about indulging the senses, right?

Here’s a collection of some of the best Irish recipes that you might enjoy and that will most definitely give you some comfort and taste of the old home.

Irish stew – there are so many variations of the this traditional Irish dish, it seems like every household in Ireland has its own secret recipe. And if you want hearty, then you should look no further. And it’s so wonderfully versatile – you can make Irish lamb stew or Irish beef stew (with the added ingredient of Irish stout) but all cooks agree it tastes even better if left to rest over night.

Colcannon – another hearty fare featuring 2 Irish staples – potatoes and cabbage It’s a regular ware for St. Patrick’s day, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then. Think of it as mash with some bacon and cabbage thrown in for good measure. For the north of Ireland version Champ just add green onions instead of cabbage.

Corned beef – beef has been a long time staple in Ireland albeit only reserved for the rich people. But not so anymore. Another signature dish during the St. Patrick’s day festivities, is corned beef soaked in Guinness and cooked in a slow cooker making it tender and delicious.

Irish soda bread – like Irish stew, there are many variations of the Irish soda bread recipe. Some put raisins, some omit them but many agree that Irish soda bread tastes best if left to rest for a while.

Irish whiskey cake – if there is one cake that will be featured at an Irish wedding it’s the Irish whiskey cake. With the aroma of whiskey that is not too overpowering, the lemon zest and raisins, this is a wonderfully moist cake, full of flavor.

Irish potato cake – leave it to the ever inventive Irish to create a sweet concoction with potatoes. Irish potato cake also features raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg making it a perfect treat for the autumn days.

What are you favorite Irish dishes? Do you have any secret family recipes to share? You can leave your comments below or if you have a longer story you can email me at and we’ll make it a post here on the blog.

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