Choosing The Perfect Claddagh Ring – Some Things You Should Know

If you are captivated by the history and romance of the Claddagh, you may be interested in finding the perfect Claddagh ring for a loved one – or for yourself! The story of the Claddagh has endured through the ages, because its spirit of love, faithfulness, and romance speaks to so many people.

There is no better way to celebrate your love for someone else, than to give to him or her the gift of an Irish Claddagh Ring, handcrafted in the Emerald Isle itself. If you are of Irish heritage, the ring will be a wonderful way to honour your heritage as well. Claddagh rings come in many different styles, and they are also available at any price point.

You can buy Irish Claddagh Engagement Rings, wedding bands, birthstone Claddagh rings, and emerald Claddagh rings. The perfect Claddagh ring for you should be easy to find, if you read through our list of the most stunning, romantic Claddagh rings from Ireland.

Claddagh Engagement Rings – You can surprise your fiancé with a stunning diamond ring with Claddagh features. The central diamond is available in many sizes, and is surrounded by Claddagh symbols. No matter how subtle or bold you wish your engagement to be, there is a style that can incorporate the spirit of the Claddagh.

Whether the symbols are engraved on the band itself, or the ring is a classic Claddagh design with an added, central diamond, you can be sure that your original, whimsical choice will be treasured and proudly shown off to friends and family. A Claddagh engagement ring is a great conversation piece, and it will always evoke interest. As well, it is classical and beautiful, and it truly does represent your love for each other every time it is worn.

Claddagh Rings For Men – There are two types of Claddagh Rings for men: the classic Claddagh ring that can be worn with its crowned heart facing in either direction (outward if you are “looking”, inward if you are “taken”, as well as a Claddagh wedding band that has a classic wedding-band design, engraved with the symbols of the Claddagh. Men have been wearing Claddagh rings for generations, even JFK, Jr. was known to wear one to honor his Irish heritage: Bono has also been photographed wearing a classic Claddagh design. The wedding bands are subtler in feel, with ornate craftsmanship that draws the eye.

Claddagh Birthstone Rings – The Claddagh birthstone ring is a lovely gift idea, as it is quite inexpensive, due to the use of semi-precious stones and silver rather than gold. A Claddagh silver birthstone ring can really add an extra personal touch to the gift of a Claddagh ring, as it also represents the months of your loved one’s birth: the central heart in a birthstone Claddagh ring is a faceted, heart-shaped birthstone. If your birthstone, or your loved one’s birthstone, is a precious stone such as diamond (April) or Emerald (May), you can find an inexpensive silver Claddagh birthstone ring that features a CZ diamond or created emerald.