Celtic Jewelry On A Budget: Here’s some helpful tips

If you love authentic Irish Celtic jewelry, but simply can’t afford to spend a lot on it, we can help! There are many ways to get all the features you are looking for, without breaking your budget. Here are some tips on stretching your dollar when shopping for Irish designs: you can still enjoy the romance, history and beauty of it all, regardless of what you will be spending:

  1. Silver Birthstone Jewelry: If you really want a Claddagh ring, but can’t afford a gold or gold-and-emerald design, consider a silver Claddagh birthstone ring. You will be able to enjoy all the stunning features of a traditional Irish Claddagh ring: the tiny hands, tenderly holding a crowned heart; the spirit of faithfulness in love, the sense of story and poetry that is so profoundly Irish. Your birthstone will give the ring more meaning still, and birthstones are much more affordable than precious stones. A created emerald or a CZ diamond will be substituted if you are born in May or April, so you can still enjoy an inexpensive ring that retains the spirit of Ireland.
  2. Celtic Spiral Wedding Bands For Her: You may have a budget for your wedding that seems to grow larger every day. If you want to economize on your wedding bands, but still have something that can please you for a lifetime, consider the Celtic spiral wedding band in silver. It has the intricate, mysterious swirls that are so prevalent in Celtic lore, dating back from the Book of Kells, but it doesn’t come with a prohibitive price tag. You can enjoy the finest in craftsmanship and authenticity, with all the affordability that silver jewelry is known for.
  3. Celtic Shield Wedding Bands For Him: You can enjoy the most masculine, rugged styling when you choose this silver Celtic shield wedding band: the band is expertly engraved with a filigree design that can be found on one of Ireland’s national treasures, the Ardagh Chalice. The engravings on your wedding band are shield decorations from ancient Celtic armor. You won’t sacrifice style and symbolism with this very inexpensive band: the richness of the design will make it look far more expensive than it really is.
  4. Celtic Knot Emerald Stud Earrings: If you look at these earrings, they won’t seem like a budget item. Like all the other Celtic Jewelry designs listed here, they have such craftsmanship and intricacy of design, that they look far more costly than they are. This is very true here: the gold and the genuine emeralds used in these gorgeous Trinity Knot Earrings are precious, but the small scale of the design makes them affordable. If you have your heart set on emeralds and gold, but feel they are out of reach, you may be very happy with these earrings. The Trinity knot represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and it is one of the most timeless designs found in Celtic history.