The perfect Celtic wedding ring set: Mix or Match?

It’s hard enough to settle on the perfect engagement ring, without having to select a wedding band to go along with it. There are many choices, from perfectly matched sets, to delightfully un-matched combinations that are unique and yet still pleasing to the eye. Here are some tips for choosing a Celtic wedding ring set that really stands out:

Consider Her Style: Is she classic, or eclectic? Look to her wardrobe, her taste in music and films, and you will find some important clues. If she favors clothes with a downtown edge, consider a set that doesn’t match, each ring with its own design elements.

Mixing styles can provide her with a wedding set she won’t see anywhere else, on any other woman: this will speak to her individuality, and will feel more creative for her. If she favors classic clothing and refined accessories, consider a matched set where everything clearly belongs together: it will perfectly gel with her personality and style.

Precious Metals: Mixing white and yellow gold, or even rose gold, can create a stunning combination. The mixture of precious metals gives a richness of detail to a wedding set, a touch of color that is very modern. An engagement ring that mixes white and yellow gold could be matched with a band of either color: take the time to consider all the different options you have, and settle on something that you truly believe is a beautiful match.

Fashion magazines often feature stacked rings in different colors, on their models: you can mimic this effect by using different shades of gold in your wedding set.