Irish Celtic Earrings: Meaningful Choices for the Modern Woman

Earrings can really add polish and style to a woman’s appearance: they are eternally feminine and attractive. If you are interested in buying someone you love a special piece of jewelry, or simply treating yourself to something you will enjoy for years to come, Celtic earrings will be a natural choice. It is fascinating to examine the symbolism and history of Celtic designs, and it makes them more fun to wear.

If you are of Celtic ancestry, these styles will flatter you naturally: women like you have worn them for hundreds of years. Here are some things to look for when shopping for Celtic earrings: you can be assured of the authenticity and quality of your earrings when they have these features.

Celtic Love Knots: The knot is a constant feature in Celtic lore and art: from the Book of Kells, Ireland’s greatest national art treasure, to modern day jewelry design. Intricate knot work and weaving, curving lines seem to represent eternity and timelessness in Celtic mythology: There is a real romanticism to the love knot; it is never-ending, as true love should be. This romantic spirit makes the love knot an obvious choice for Celtic earrings.

Claddagh Features: The Claddagh story is much told and very well known: an Irish fisherman, Robert Bruce, was kidnapped by a goldsmith, who forced him to live away from his homeland, and his true love. He never forgot the woman he left behind, and he created a special ring to symbolize his undying love and faithfulness to her. The ring was a whimsical, romantic design, with two tiny hands holding a crowned heart. When you see these symbols on your Irish earrings, you will know that they continue to tell the romantic story of the Claddagh.

Emeralds: Emerald are not of Irish origin, but they express the spirit of the Emerald Isle so beautifully, that they have become a common feature of Irish and Celtic earrings. Anyone who has ever been to Ireland marvels at the lush greenness of the landscape, and emeralds capture those memories with their deep-green beauty. There are two types of emeralds: the first, the true, precious stones, are mined in countries like Zimbabwe, and come in many shades of green. The second types of emeralds are lab created; they capture all the beauty of the originals, but they are far less expensive.

Workmanship: If you want the best Irish and Celtic earrings, you will need to find ones that have been handcrafted by skilled artisans. Of course, true authenticity can only be assured when your earrings are made in the Celtic countries themselves: for example, Claddagh earrings made in Ireland and assayed in that country will offer the highest standard of authenticity. Look for reputable dealers with ties to their communities, who offer guarantees of true Celtic craftsmanship.

It’s important that you really love your Irish or Celtic design: take a look at the options above, and find the style that really speaks to your heart. Earrings are a very personal item, often imbued with great sentimental value. Whether you choose them for yourself, or receive them as a gift, they will become something you can wear and enjoy for a very long time.