Gifts for the Groom: What MEN Want for Weddings Gifts

When a couple registers at stores for their weddings gifts, they often think of starting their new life together as a priority. Bowls, plates, linens, kitchen utensils and toaster ovens are pretty typical ideas, but what would the gift registry look like if the groom was calling the shots? What would be some of his dream gift ideas to make married life as man and wife as cushy as possible? Read on for what a groom might ask for, and maybe you can sneak a few of these gifts to your buddy at the bachelor party.

Beer of the Month Club: It is a cold, hard fact: Most men like, if not love, beer. Its frosty goodness is something many men look forward to at the end of a hard work day, or to sip while puttering around in the garage. It can hard to try a lot of different microbrews since they tend to have regional distribution only, you can sign the groom up for a Beer of the Month Club.

There, the groom can choose from a microbrew membership, receiving beers from around the United States’ famous microbreweries, sampling a different twelve pack every month. In international and domestic variety membership, the groom can get lightly distributed US beers as well as different international breweries. The international membership is beers from various international breweries only, so the groom can enjoy a taste of beers around the world.

Grill It Up: Grilling is a great pastime, and always produces flavorful food. Grills are a good investment, whether gas or charcoal, and giving one as a gift to the groom is a way to ensure he will enjoy many evenings and weekends of time in the backyard with his new family. If the groom already has a grill, there are a variety of different accessories you can seek out that will compliment his hobby. New grilling tools are always helpful (as old ones can get dirty and caked with residue easily), as are fun items like different spice rubs and marinades, or grilling recipe books.

Personalize It: If the groom is the type to write his name on everything, getting him something personalized might be the way to go. If you can dream it, then it can probably be personalized. A stainless steel flask for the whiskey connoisseur, a briefcase label for the savvy businessman, glass coasters for the guy who loves to entertain, an engraved toolkit for the handyman…Personalizing can often take a little bit longer, so make sure you place the order for these gifts with plenty of time to spare.

No matter what you dream up for a groom’s gift, it might be a nice gesture during all the focus on the bride. After all, it is a special day for the both of them, and grooms deserve to be spoiled a little bit as well.