Celtic Jewelry – Accenting Your New Look for Autumn Fashion

Every fall, the stores are flooded with the newest looks: sweaters in rich tones, leather boots and jackets, heavier fabrics…consider your jewelry choices when putting together a fall wardobe that really works for you.

If you are indulging in rich earth tones, to mimic the falling leaves and changing landscape, consider buying some gold pieces that really work with an autumnal palette.

Silver or white gold will be a fine complement to basic black, but warm caramel, burnt-orange, and rust look best with gold accessories. Gold also adds a touch of warmth to paler complexions once the summer sun retreats: if worn near your face, gold can really complement your skin and give you a little glow, even on grey or chilly days.

If you are considering Celtic jewelry designs to accent your clothes, you may wish to buy a substantial piece that works with almost everything. A gold Celtic Cross pendant would be an excellent choice for fall, as its rich, ornate design will not get lost among thicker, heavier fabrics and layers.

If you are shopping for earrings, consider gold Claddagh earrings with emeralds, to add a touch of colour around your face. The intricacy and symbolism will catch the eye, and Claddagh jewelry works beautifully with heavier sweaters, such as Aran sweaters from Ireland. These classic pieces all represent the best in Irish craftsmanship and also appeal to the spirit, while having a practical element: the sweater will keep you warm and last forever, and the Claddagh jewelry will never go out of style. If Celtic styles appeal to you, consider buying a few uniquely Irish pieces, and wearing them together. You can’t go wrong with classics like fishermen’s sweaters, or traditional Celtic jewelry designs.

If you are reluctant to invest in gold jewelry because your other jewelry pieces are all silver or white gold, consider Claddagh Kiss earrings that combine gold and white gold to stunning effect. Embellished with diamonds, the earrings have a bold crossover design that is unique, and the use of white and yellow gold makes them very versatile. You can wear either precious metal with these earrings, without anything clashing.

When you are shopping for autumn fashions, consider your natural coloring. Some people simply cannot wear burnt-orange, rust, or similar warm tones successfully. If you have a pinkish tone to your complexion, you are of cool coloring, and will benefit from staying away from orange or other fall colors.

You can still get a rich, deep jewel-tone look for fall, if you are cool, by choosing rich burgundies, deep plums, and chocolate brown. If you are cool, consider white gold for your Celtic jewelry design, or a combination of white and yellow gold.

Knowing your coloring will be an excellent first step to buying sweaters, jackets, and boots that will truly flatter you: it can also be a great starting point when you are picking out jewelry that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.