Choose a Celtic engagement ring with a Ruby

Rubies have been a source of fascination since the dawn of man: there are many Biblical references to this precious gem, which is thought to bestow good health and good fortune in its wearer.

The glimmering, satiny glow of red rubies makes them highly prized all over the world: the intense scarlet color represents passion, life force and love to many people.

Ruby engagement rings are an individual choice, but also a classic one: kings and queens have chosen this gem for thousands of years. If you are considering a coloured stone for your Celtic engagement ring, a ruby may bewitch you with its fiery gleam. Rubies are hard and durable, and they endure as diamonds do, promising a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

A Celtic ruby engagement ring is best when flanked by glittering diamonds and intricate knot work: these design elements really allow the stone to shine as a stunning centerpiece. Paired with a Celtic wedding band, the effect is even stronger: the touch of color the ruby lends to the wedding set will really make it stand out. If you are considering proposing to the woman of your dreams with a ruby ring, you could not make a wiser choice. For a passionate, romantic woman, the rich, red ruby will really capture her imagination and her spirit.

A diamond is always stunning, but always expected. Why not give your bride-to-be a ring that really commands attention, with its gorgeous shot of color and its Celtic style. Rubies have been a symbol of passion and success throughout history, and will never lose their desirability.

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