The Perfect Irish Engagement Ring: Some Things to Consider

An engagement ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry a woman will ever own. By choosing a special piece that will stay with you always, you can be assured of a ring you will love forever.

But how are you to choose? The market is flooded with so many choices; it can be difficult to settle upon the perfect ring.

If you are thinking of purchasing an engagement ring that honors your Irish heritage, here are a few things you should know about Irish engagement rings, to help you make a decision you will be happy with all of your life.

  1. Symbolism: Irish engagement rings have special symbols, such as love knots, or Claddagh features. The love knot symbolizes eternity, while the Claddagh ring carries with it the idea of romantic love which lasts forever: loyal and true.
  2. Stones: The emerald is resonant with Ireland. The lush green vistas of the Emerald Isle would be best evoked with an emerald engagement ring and it would be a more unique choice as well. Bear in mind that the emerald is seen as equally precious, when compared to the diamond. The emerald is the most precious, by weight, of all the precious gems.
  3. Matching Wedding Bands: There are many ways to match your Irish engagement ring to a matching, Celtic-inspired band. By doing so, you can add to the overall look, and perhaps start a collection of Irish jewelry pieces that you can wear together for a coordinated look.