Choosing the Perfect Look for Your Wedding Day

It can be so exciting to think about what kind of bride you are going to be, once you know your wedding is going to happen: but there are so many options out there, it’s important to choose a gown, jewelry and makeup that really suit you. Here are some things to consider as you prepare to wow the guests at your wedding.

  1. Scale – Petite women should keep their gown and jewelry in scale to their smaller body, choosing delicate jewelry, rather than the larger, bolder pieces that might suit a taller, larger woman so well. Your gown should flatter you by fitting snugly in your thinnest places, and just brushing the body in areas you’d rather hide. There are many tricks and tools you can use to emphasize your best qualities, and using scale as a guideline is an excellent way to start planning your outfit.
  2. Colour – The white dress may seem simple, but just as there are a million shades of white at the local paint store, there are myriad variations in wedding dresses, as well. Ivory, for example, is white with a yellow tinge, and very suitable to those with some warmth in their complexion. If you have a porcelain complexion, a pure, snowy white will flatter you the most.
  3. Makeup – Some women go all out on the big day, hiring a makeup artist and wearing much more makeup than they usually do. While glamour is always a goal on a day like this, you might consider some test photos in various lighting, indoor and outdoor, with the makeup you plan to wear. You might be surprised to find out it seems a little more intense than you would like. The important thing is to deepen your lip colour a little, not too much, so that your features have definition in photographs. That being said, a natural look, that looks like you, only more polished, should be your primary goal.