Celtic jewelry: Celebrating your love on your anniversary

You’ve journeyed through life side by side, going through its ups and downs, good times and the bad, always together. Your anniversary is a time to take stock of the love you’ve given one another over the years, and, whether you’ve been married for one year or fifty years, it can be a special day, full of fond memories, and hope for the future.

A romantic anniversary can be simple or elaborate, as long as there is love. You may wish to surprise your wife with a gift of Celtic jewelry, if her heritage is important to her. There are many wonderful choices, as Irish and Celtic designs are inherently romantic, with the symbols of the Claddagh: hearts, crowns, and the like, as well as love knots that symbolize the endlessness of love.

Once you’ve decided on a special gift, you can plan your anniversary celebration around the idea of presenting it to her, at just the right moment. Although you are married now, your wife still craves romantic experiences, just as she did when you were dating. Reviving the thrill of your original proposal, by bringing out another ring, perhaps on bended knee, would be an amazing way to show her that you are thrilled she is your wife, that you made the right choice, and how much she means to you.

Women love romance: remember this crucial fact on your anniversary, and you can’t go wrong. Women also love jewelry, as they can wear it every day and think fondly of the person who gave it to them, so you can’t go wrong with that, either. Putting thought and care into your anniversary will reap dividends, as it means so much to the woman you love.