Celtic Engagement Rings and their special magic

Celtic jewelry is special: with its intricate lines, curving love knots, or Claddagh symbols, it truly evokes the spirit of Celtic history, art, and spirituality.

All Celtic jewelry seems timeless, since the artisans of medieval times relied upon the same attention to detail and craftsmanship utilized today. Handmade Celtic jewelry can become a family heirloom, a treasured piece that honors the family’s heritage, from generation to generation.

Celtic engagement rings follow the same principles as other Celtic jewelry: the reliance on ancient Celtic symbolism, history, and lore. It is romantic to imagine a similar ring on someone’s finger, hundreds of years ago, and, indeed, your ring will likely share many qualities and features with a ring from medieval times.

If this concept is appealing to you, you should consider a Celtic engagement ring, perhaps with a matching band. If your ancestry is important to you, and you wish to carry on the traditions of your Celtic ancestors, what better way to be reminded of the past, than to remember it every time you glance down at your hand?

If you are planning an Irish wedding, or perhaps a honeymoon on the Emerald Isle, your engagement ring will provide you with wonderful memories of these special times in your life. Whether you are intending to propose to the woman of your dreams, or become a blushing bride yourself, you can add a touch of the hallowed past to your ceremony, by indulging in beautiful, handcrafted wedding jewelry, from the artisans of Ireland.