Silver birthstone Claddagh rings – A great birthday gift

Almost everyone is aware of his or her birthstone, but not everyone knows the significance of the stone itself. A silver Claddagh birthstone ring from Irish Celtic Jewels can make a memorable birthday present: knowing something about the qualities of each birthstone can add depth and a sense of story to your special gift.

Here are the stones for each month, and what they are thought to represent:

    • January – Garnet – thought to provide protection in the afterlife, and to protect the wearer from infections and diseases.
    • February – Amethyst – thought to control evil thoughts, and protect the wearer from poisoning.
    • March – Aquamarine – sailors wore aquamarine to protect them from seasickness and drowning: also thought to prolong youthfulness in the wearer.

  • April – Diamond or CZ – thought to heal illnesses: in the middle ages, sick people would take the diamond into bed with them, but only after warming it first.
  • May – Emerald – the emerald was thought to enhance fertility and rebirth in the wearer
  • June – Alexandrite – rare and precious, this stone is thought to bestow joy and good fortune on its wearer.
  • July – Ruby – the ruby was thought to predict peril by growing darker in colour, and was worn by royalty for protection and as a talisman.
  • August – Peridot – sometimes referred to as “evening emerald”, the peridot is thought to aid strength and good relationships for its wearer.
  • September – Sapphire – the Sapphire is believed to strengthen sincerity and faithfulness in the wearer.
  • October – Pink Tourmaline – this stone is thought to inspire creativity and artistry in the wearer.
  • November – Topaz – the topaz is said to heighten the ability to give and receive love in its wearer.
  • December – Blue Topaz – this stone is a symbol of love and fidelity