Popping the Question: Making It Really Special

You have the Celtic engagement ring of her dreams, a Celtic design you lovingly chose: now, perhaps, you are thinking about how to propose to the woman you love. Here are some fun ideas for making your proposal memorable, touching, and unique:

  • Do it in public: romantic comedies such as Love Actually celebrate the public proposal, in a crowded restaurant, where everyone cheers and shows their goodwill toward the happy couple. Perhaps you could mimic this by planning a special dinner party, well-stocked with friends and family, so your bride-to-be can have this special moment, and also enjoy the attention and excitement of her peers.
  • Make an adventure out of it: schedule a hike, or a tram ride up a mountainside, and propose at the top, surrounded by blue sky and a stunning horizon that is new to both of you. You can get on bended knee amidst the beauty of nature, and she will always remember that special place, and the special way you got there. If she’s the sporty or adventurous type, this type of proposal will thrill her. Bring up some champagne and glasses in your knapsack, and have an impromptu picnic to celebrate!
  • Let her know how you really feel: women love to know how much you care. Think about writing her a poem, or a romantic note, to give to her just before you propose, to set the mood. You could also find just the right song, one that expresses your feelings for her, before you ask her to marry you. Some candles, a quiet dance to a special song, and your proposal, will ensure a romantic night that will be remembered forever.