Pearl Celtic pendant – A bridal jewelry story

Heather is a writer in Vancouver, who was so happy with the Celtic pearl pendant she bought from Irish Celtic Jewels, worn at her wedding, that she wanted to write about it…Writing is Heather’s passion, and her first novel will be published in January of 2009. We wanted to put her story on our blog, and we hope you enjoy it.

Lustrous, opaque, milky-white…pearls are pure pleasure, to look at, and to touch: they feel cool and heavy in your hand, then they warm against your skin…they are mysterious and substantial at the same time.

In childhood, I would play with “pretend” pearls, long ropes of them, looping them three times around my neck, as though I were Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen. In the back of my mind, I always knew the pearls were artificial: they were too light in weight, too shiny, and they did not feel nice on my skin. Someday, I told myself, I will have real pearls, grown inside of a real oyster, instead of this costume jewelry.

When my wedding day approached, I found myself longing for pearls earrings to wear on my special day. Not the overstatement of ropes of pearls; like those in my childhood jewelry box, but a simple, classically beautiful pair of drop earrings, to make me feel like a queen for a day.

Since I am of Irish ancestry, I leaned towards the Celtic patterns and symbols I’d always admired: they had simplicity and intricacy at the same time. I decided to order a pearl Celtic pendant and earrings from Irish Celtic Jewels, to go with my ivory lace dress. From the first moment I pulled my hair up, and admired my reflection, the earrings dancing as I moved my head, I knew I had found the accessory that would truly make me feel special, and I wanted the wedding to happen as soon as possible.