Irish Cuisine – Adding some Celtic Influence To Your Menu

The world may not consider Ireland to be the centre of gourmet cuisine, but Ireland’s reputation as a force in the world of food is growing steadily. As Dublin, in particular, becomes more cosmopolitan, and swells with new business and life, the desire for refined tastes and gourmet recipes grows apace.

There are many restaurants in Dublin that cater to a more refined palate, incorporating traditional Irish cuisine elements, often mixing them with other styles of eating, in the popular art of food “Fusion”. Some examples of this would be Irish Lamb, cooked beautifully, but with a non-traditional sauce, such as an Asian-inspired jus or glaze.

You could emulate these fusion recipes yourself, for a wedding, a party, or any special engagement where you might want to add a touch of the Celtic, without being over the top.

If you’ve traveled to Ireland before, consider a return trip, where you can explore the vibrant city of Dublin, and its “new” cuisine. The future is here, and Celtic influence is still strong, but, in keeping with the Internet Age, and progress, it is also balanced with other elements, resulting in a creative and modern take on ancient recipes and traditions.