Transform your tiara into a Celtic jewelry piece

After your beautiful day of celebration is over you may be looking at some things and wondering what in the world you are going to do with them again. For example, your bridal bouquet, many people prefer to dry the flowers and keep them, others simply toss the bouquet in the garbage. No matter what, there are certain aspects of your wedding day that may mean a lot to you, like your wedding tiara.

If you don’t want to keep the tiara and pass it down to your children, or keep in locked in your closet, here are some ideas.

Transform your wedding tiara into jewelry. With all the gemstones in your tiara, you could easily make yourself Celtic earrings, a Celtic pendant, or a Celtic ring. Perhaps your Celtic wedding rings already have a specific design such as the love knot or Claddagh. You can take this time to create a matching jewelry set for yourself.

Use the gemstones to create Celtic pendants for your bridesmaids or for your mother, to help them remember your special day and everything it means to you. If you like to wear a cross, you can have a gemstone from your tiara fashioned into the center of a cross pendant, keeping both your religion and your new spouse close to your heart.

Another great idea is to fashion Celtic earrings into the Trinity knot with a gemstone from your tiara in the middle. The earrings can be simple enough to wear with jeans, or can be worn for a formal occasion.

Your wedding day is a beautiful day in your life and deserves to be reflected upon. Keep your commitment close to your heart by transforming a small piece of your wedding into beautiful Celtic jewelry.