Subscribing to the Irish Celtic Jewels Blog

I’ve just created a page, How to subscribe?, that explains how to subscribe to our blog and thought it would be good to also make it a post for those of you that are interested in subscribing but didn’t know how to before.

How do I subscribe?

There are two ways to subscribe: with an RSS feeder or by receiving email alerts.

How do I subscribe using an RSS reader (highly recommend)?

Firstly, let me explain what an RSS reader is. An RSS reader, like Google Reader, is a bit of software that allows you to view any updates on a blog that you subscribe to without having to actually go to their website. This is great because all you have to do is log into your Google Reader account and all new posts will be there.

Steps for subscribing to our RSS feed with Google reader:

  1. Click this icon >> RSS Icon
  2. On the next page you will see a “Subscribe Now!” box
  3. Click on the Google icon – Google Reader (click this icon here to bypass step 1 and 2)
  4. On the next page, click on “Add to Google Reader
  5. On the Google Reader homepage, you will be asked to create an account
  6. If you already have a Gmail or Google homepage account, you can just sign in
  7. Once signed in, the feed will appear in your Google Reader account

Here’s a great video tutorial that explains how to use Google reader.

How do I subscribe by email?

It’s simple to subscribe by email. Simply enter your email address in this box below, hit Subscribe and you’ll receive blog updates to your inbox.

What’s the best way to subscribe?

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I be bothered going through all the steps to receive updates through Google Reader, when all I have to do is enter my email and press submit?

There’s 2 major reasons why we strongly recommend using Google Reader over email subscription:

  1. With spam email being such a problem these days, people set their spam filters so high that good emails don’t always get through
  2. Google reader gives you more control. With Google reader you check for updates when you want. With email updates you’ll receive updates by email when we send them.

But besides these reasons, using an RSS reader like Google Reader is a great way for you to keep up to date with all your favorite websites. Instead of going to visit these sites individually every day (assuming you remember to visit them) why not have them come to you with the content that you want.