Shamrock Pendant – A Celtic wedding favor story

I was updating the information on this diamond gold shamrock pendant a while ago and I was suddenly reminded about one of our customers right back when we began in 2003. That’s nearly five years ago now. I know it’s a cliché but it seems like only yesterday!

So I received an email from a woman from the US who was getting married in Ireland and wanted something unique to give to all her guests. It was to be a wedding favor/gift to thank all those who travelled from the US.

She loved the silver Shamrock pendant that we had on the website and thought this would be perfect for the ladies but not so much for the gents. I didn’t know what to suggest, as she wanted the same thing for ladies and gents. Then she came back with a great idea “how about putting the shamrock on a key ring instead of a chain for the gents?”

Key rings aren’t something that the manufacturer normally offers, so I immediately got onto them to see what they could do. The next day they called and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Then I called the customer with the good news and took her order over the phone.

The best part was going to meet the couple where they were staying, the Shelbourne Hotel in the center of Dublin. They were really pleased with the product and the key ring idea had worked a charm. They also really appreciated the fact that I’d hand delivered the Shamrocks. It was great for me too, as I had never met a customer face to face before.