Make your Celtic jewelry special with Trinity love knots

The Trinity love knot, so beloved in Celtic history, is thought to represent the eternal linking of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although some of the meanings of knots in Celtic history remain a mystery, they are without doubt symbols of hope, faith, and artistry, passed down from our ancestors, to remind us of the life of the spirit.

Jewelry adorned with Trinity Love knots is a pleasure to own: the knot is never-ending, interconnected, and the intricacy of the design is marvelous to behold. When embellished with jewels such as amethysts, emeralds, pearls and diamonds, the love knot becomes a beautiful backdrop for these glittering gems. At Irish Celtic Jewels, our rings, necklaces and earrings are assayed at Dublin Castle itself, and created by master craftspeople, in the Celtic tradition.

If you are interested in Irish history and Celtic symbolism, a piece of jewelry featuring a love knot will be more than simply a decorative piece: it will be something that arouses further interest and thought. You may find yourself intrigued by the other symbols that appear in Celtic designs: crosses, hearts, crowns, squares, and other shapes. It may be the beginning of a collection that really speaks to your own heart.

Ancient texts, such as The Book of Kells, considered by some to be Ireland’s greatest treasure, feature stunning interwoven and interconnected patterns, in the Celtic tradition. These patterns are reminiscent of those used in today’s Irish jewelry designs, and they will always have a place in the modern world, as their beauty and mystery have a timeless appeal.