Create your own wedding website for your Celtic wedding

A wonderful way to inform your friends and family about your wedding day is to create your own wedding site. You can create a website that can help you plan out the details of your wedding and post them so your family can see what parts they need to help with. Another great part is you can post the date, time and location of your wedding so everyone knows well in advance.

Similar to a blogging website, you can add pictures of your Celtic engagement ring or Irish wedding bands and explain the significance behind them. Perhaps you have friends and family who do not know much about Irish weddings, this is a great way to share your Celtic heritage with them.

If you are planning on having a bridal shower, you can post the information on the website for everyone to see as well as your registry listing. Another great aspect of a wedding website is that if you are having a hard time deciding upon what bridal pictures to select, you can post them for people to see and have them vote on their favorite pictures. Not only will this allow you to narrow down your perfect bridal picture, but it allows everyone a chance to help participate in your wedding.

Planning the wedding can be a daunting task especially if you need a headcount for food. By creating a website, your guests can RSVP online so you can collect meal choices and obtain other special preferences.

You can also allow your guests to share in beautiful aspects of your wedding. Post the song you plan to play when you walk down the aisle. If you have a video of your proposal, you can upload that as well and let everyone share in your special moment, plus it saves you money on phone calls.

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