You don’t have my Celtic ring size – What can I do?

From time to time we get emails from customers who want to buy a certain ring but they can’t see their size as available. We get questions like: –

“Is it at all possible to get this Irish wedding band in a size 14. My husband’s fingers are rather large. Please help me, we getting married in July!”


“I really love this Claddagh wedding ring, but it looks like the sizes don’t go down as small as mine. I’m a size 4. Can we special order this in my size?”

Ok, so there is no one answer to this. The truth is that – it really depends on the ring! Here are some examples:

Some rings like this ladies Claddagh and Celtic wedding band have a Claddagh motif followed by a Celtic motif followed by a Claddagh motif and so on around the ring. If you need this ring in a size 4, for example, it could be made but it would most likely involve cutting into or losing either a Claddagh or Celtic motif.

For rings with continuous patterns, like this ladies two tone Celtic wedding band, each size is made from it’s own unique mould. If the manufacturer doesn’t have a mould for a larger or smaller size, then it’s not possible.

Some of the gents rings, can be made in larger sizes but they need to be specially ordered and can take about 8 weeks to be made. There is usually an additional fee for the extra large size.

If you find a ring you like but don’t see your size, don’t panic, drop us an email. You never know, there may be a solution.