Planning a traditional Irish wedding – Q & A

Over the last couple of months we’ve had several emails from customers asking about ways of using the Celtic theme in their wedding. The main points that came up were music and decor. Here’s our thoughts along with some gift ideas for the wedding party


I would like to incorporate traditional Irish elements into my wedding. Can you give me some tips on how to make my dream wedding a reality?


Many brides and grooms dream of a traditional Irish celebration: it’s a wonderful way to honor your heritage. Whatever your budget, these tips will help you plan your special day.

  • Music

Irish music is joyous, lively, and distinctive: use it to great advantage when planning your ceremony. If you can afford to hire a band, consider placing ads in local newspapers, to find the best Irish musicians in your area. Local Irish pubs may be able to refer talented musicians they have hired themselves. Also, universities and music academies may have students willing to play for a reasonable free, and quickly learn any repertoire you request.

  • Décor

A color scheme that celebrates Ireland can be surprisingly elegant. Consider different shades of green that work together, such as dark emerald and ivy green, and mix them to great effect when choosing table linens, napkins, and even invitations. A beautiful invitation, on creamy paper, with an ornate shamrock in dark green, could be an excellent way to show your guests a glimpse of the day to come. Also, consider calligraphy for invitations and menus: a Celtic script could be used, further enhancing the theme of your wedding.

  • Gifts for the Wedding Party

For your bridesmaids, consider silver Claddagh rings set with birthstones, or Celtic cross pendants. You could match their gifts with your wedding jewelry, so that everyone gets into the spirit of things. The wedding photos of everyone together, adorned with Irish jewelry, will be spectacular!