Celtic wedding favors – ideas for a Celtic themed wedding

The perfect Celtic wedding ceremony involves many different traditions of your Irish heritage. Planning the perfect Celtic wedding will be a fun and exciting time in your life as you learn about your Celtic heritage. It is always nice to compliment your wedding guests with Celtic wedding favors that remind them of the commitment you and your loved one have made to each other. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Foil wrapped chocolate shamrocks
  • Celtic cross soap
  • Love knot candles
  • Claddagh ornaments

The love knot is a beautiful symbolic ceremony at your Celtic wedding. The love knot is the tradition of hand-fastening in which the couple will have their hands wrapped together with fabric or rope. Some couples choose to use personal effects for their wraps, such as a baby blanket or a scarf that belonged to a family member. This beautiful ceremony is referred to as “tying the knot” and it is a great theme for your Celtic wedding.

Many couples choose to have their Celtic wedding rings designed with the love knot symbol as it represents eternal love. Share your eternal love with your guests by handing out Celtic wedding favors that incorporate the love knot such as Celtic love knot candles.

Choose Celtic wedding favors that signify the tradition that the bride and groom are united as one. If your wedding is around the holidays, perhaps you can make Claddagh ornaments to hand out to your guests. The Claddagh symbol represents friendship and is a perfect way to honor your guests as you embark upon your new life.

No matter where you decide to get married, make your Celtic wedding rich in your Irish heritage and custom.

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