Celtic jewelry for bridesmaids

Planning the perfect wedding day comes down to so many details. One of the most important details is amplifying your beauty with jewelry. Many brides opt to dress their bridesmaids with the same jewelry they wear such as: Celtic pendants and Celtic earrings.

Matching your Celtic engagement ring or Celtic wedding bands to your jewelry or your bridesmaid’s jewelry is a wonderful way to amplify your unity. Pearls, diamonds, emeralds, and amethyst pendants can be beautiful compliments to your wedding. Celtic pendants and earrings can beautifully complement your Trinity knot Celtic wedding rings.

Another beautiful way to incorporate your Celtic wedding bands into your wedding is to wear Trinity knot and diamond earring pendants. Your bridesmaids can wear the same jewelry as you or they can wear pearl earrings and pendants.

Many believe that Amethyst’s represents the spirit of god, or that they have a spiritual power. Combine an Amethyst gemstone with a Celtic pendant, and you have a perfect theme for your Celtic wedding that focuses on a spiritual power.

Our selection of Celtic pendants and earrings feature the finest hand-crafted materials and we offer a beautiful selection of pearls, and other precious gemstones.

Pearls compliment formal dresses as well as diamonds do. The best part about pearl earrings and pendants is that they can be worn after the wedding with a t-shirt and jeans.

Amethyst Celtic earrings and pendants will beautifully complement beige bridesmaid dresses or even yellow dresses. The Amethyst is a beautiful variety of purple quartz. The Amethyst stone radiates beautiful hues of color to all those who look upon it and they will complement your bridesmaids and their dresses perfectly.

Emeralds can beautifully compliment off-white or cream bridesmaid dresses. Emeralds are thought to bring good luck to those who wear it. What a wonderful way to bless your bridesmaids and your wedding.