All about emeralds – Choosing the right stone for you

The gorgeous, deep-green gleam of emeralds has made them prized for centuries, as the most coveted of precious stones: by weight, the emerald is the most valuable gemstone in the world. Whether the natural, or more affordable created emerald, is used in your Claddagh ring, Irish Celtic pendant, or Celtic earrings, you will be thrilled with the purity and depth of your stone.

What do emeralds symbolize? In ancient texts, the emerald signifies loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. If you are shopping for an Irish Celtic engagement ring, an emerald can be a unique and stunning choice, especially when it is flanked by diamonds, and placed in an exquisite setting of Celtic design. A Claddagh engagement ring, set with a shining emerald, is romantic, colorful, and filled with the spirit of Ireland: it will thrill your bride to be, and be treasured forever.

Emeralds are found in Columbia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe: but they seem uniquely Irish, evoking the lush, green beauty of the Emerald Isle itself. To present a loved one with a traditional Irish Celtic necklace or earrings, embellished with emeralds, is to ensure that your gift will bring joy: our Celtic cross necklaces, and Trinity knot earrings, are choices that are sure to be worn again and again, and to acquire real sentimental value.

Our Irish jewelry designs are meant to be loved for many years, and to become heirlooms. The emerald earrings you choose for your own wedding day, for example, may be the same ones your granddaughter wears some day. Our emeralds are set in the most classical Celtic settings; they are timeless, and their beauty will endure, just as the loyalty, faithfulness and friendship they are meant to represent, endures through a lifetime.