A Celtic themed wedding – without it being tacky

Planning the perfect Celtic themed wedding can be a chore if you are trying to please everyone. The Celtic heritage is rich in tradition and has beautiful symbolism. If you would like to incorporate your Celtic heritage into your wedding without it being tacky, it won’t be too hard to do. You can find subtle ways to incorporate the design of your Irish wedding bands and even a bagpiper into your wedding.

Many people have Irish wedding bands fashioned to match one another. The traditional love knot design and the Claddagh design can easily be incorporated into your wedding theme. Your centerpieces can feature either design and you can subtly place the beautiful symbol on napkins, flower bouquets, bridesmaid’s pendants or earrings, and your wedding invitations.

Celtic music is another Irish tradition you can easily incorporate into your wedding. Some prefer to have a bagpiper playing as the bride walks down the aisle; this can be a little distracting if you are trying to set a romantic theme though. Hire an Uilleann piper to play as you walk down the aisle. The Uilleann pipe emits a gentler, sweeter tone and will set the mood for your romantic wedding.

Serve traditional Irish food at your wedding such as: soda bread with cheese, smoked salmon, Irish potatoes and leek soup. You can also incorporate an Irish wedding cake, or simply decorate a delicious chocolate cake with the Celtic knot design.

No matter what ways you decide to incorporate your Celtic roots into your wedding, remember that it is your wedding and you can’t please everyone. Your customs and traditions are one way how you express who you are.

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