Celtic birthstone pendants – A great mother’s day gift

Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to celebrate motherhood and show our mothers how much we appreciate them in our lives. Celtic mother’s pendants are a great way to celebrate your Irish heritage and provide your mother with a life-long gift that she can cherish.

The Irish culture is rich in traditions that represent trust in your soul, belief in your heart, and faith in your mind. Our Celtic mother’s pendants hold true to the customary Irish beliefs in Celtic traditions. You will not be disappointed in our beautiful selection of Celtic Mothers pendants as we offer 2 unique styles to choose from: the Celtic knot family birthstone pendant and Claddagh Mother’s pendants.

Birthstones are a beautiful representation of one’s birth and are considered lucky for their particular month. Many believe that healing powers are heightened by wearing their birthstone during their month.

Your mother will be speechless when she receives one of our handcrafted Celtic mother’s birthstone pendants that feature the birthstones of each of her children. What a wonderful reminder to your mother of the beauty of life that she created.

Our Claddagh Mother’s pendants are beautifully designed on a Figaro chain with a lobster catch. The Claddagh symbol is a wonderful representation of friendship, loyalty and love.

By giving your mother one of our beautiful Claddagh mother’s pendants or Celtic mother’s birthstone pendants, you will be giving her the gift of eternal life, love, and protection through the Celtic symbols.

2 thoughts on “Celtic birthstone pendants – A great mother’s day gift

  1. 3 stone claddagh mothers pendant… is this still available if so in silver or white gold

    1. Hi Patricia, this pendant is no longer available but we can do a special order for one in white gold for you. It may take a few weeks to manufacture, but it can be done. Would you like a quote?

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