Diamond Carat Weight

The size of your diamond is also known as its “carat weight”. To help you choose the right size of diamond for your tastes and budget, we offer 3 different diamond sizes, ranging from one quarter of a carat to half a carat in weight. When you select a Celtic engagement ring from our website, you will see a convenient drop-down menu that allows you to select the ideal gemstone. If you’d prefer a size that we don’t offer, please contact our team today. We are proud to offer a special service to our clients, whereby we source out the perfect diamond (of your preferred size and shape), and then place it in your favorite Celtic engagement ring setting. By giving you access to a range of carat weights, we open up possibilities for you to find your ideal gemstone and Celtic engagement ring.

Please note that for our standard carat weight offerings, we operate on a margin allowance of 0.02ct either side. So, for example, in the case of a 0.33ct diamond, you could receive a diamond between 0.31ct and 0.35ct. However in most cases it will be at least 0.33ct.