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Irish Warriors: The Fianna

Posted on | May 14, 2010 | by Ciara O'Brien | No Comments

From the first to the third centuries A.D., Irish warriors known as the Fianna amassed to defend the people of the Emerald Isle from their enemies.

These primitive bands of soldiers used a series of weapons, including spears and swords, to fight off any invaders.

To be a member of the Fianna required certain skills and knowledge: for example, each fighter was required to memorize the poems of the Irish Bards.

Often, the stories and history of the Irish people were told in these poems, which were carefully constructed to educate and to preserve the culture of the people through the generations.

To Join The Fianna, A Man Needed To Prove His Worth…

An Irish warrior who desired to be a member of this lauded tribe was also required to pass certain tests which proved his facility with weapons and self-defense. These tests were important and passing them was mandatory; however, nothing mattered more than loyalty to the king…the chieftains who ruled the land were to be defended at all costs.

Many members of this ancient warrior tribe spent a specific allotment of days per year protecting the chieftain’s interests; then, they were able to return to their families and resume their regular duties.

Of the 3 classes of the Fianna, some were full time defenders of the chieftain, and they spent their whole lives keeping peace in his name. They would receive a modest living in return for their services.

By this system, the kings of Ireland maintained a strong defense, particularly of the coastline, where the Fianna would use signals and special skills that helped to pass on news of any threats.

The Celts In Battle…

When battle was required, their famous war cry of “‘Diord Fionn’ would puncture the silence, and they would spring into action, using all the skills of Celtic war-craft to destroy the enemy…

The Fianna warriors were a sight to behold; with hair made ghostly white by the application of lime, and naked, muscular bodies covered in mysterious (and symbolic) tattoos, they would appear wild and almost otherworldly…as they cried their war cries and brandished their weapons.

The Influence Of Celtic War-Craft Continues Today…

Today, remnants of Celtic war-craft have become valuable collector’s items. As well, priceless war treasures, including the stunning Ardagh Chalice, are testaments to the courage and loyalty of the Irish people of old.

The artisans of Ireland continue to honor the ancient traditions, especially in the realms of metal work. They use ancient warrior symbols to adorn modern Irish jewelry designs, engraving shield motifs and other timeless symbols into precious metals…just as the gold and silversmiths of past centuries did…

If you would like to honor your own Celtic heritage through expert, handcrafted metal work, consider choosing a warrior shield wedding band that echoes the days of the Fianna…

As you can see, two tones of precious gold combine to add richness and dimension to this unique and meaningful Celtic wedding band

Available for brides and grooms, warrior shield wedding rings featuring the symbols of the ancient Ardagh Chalice provide a link between the past and present…

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